Car Purifiers

Robert, Multi-technology Car Air Purifier

  • Easy to operate: The purifier starts to work once you plug it to a USB port (Dual USB car charger provided), very easy to manage by only 3 buttons( on/off button, independent anion button and speed button).
  • Contracted appearance and Intelligent design: ONLY 1/10 size of common purifier (portable), Sedate modeling (sense of security), color of low profile (do not affect driving safety), high quality of mat (protect car interior). Non-slip feet design can be stable in the moving car, non-slip mat is also provided.
  • Carry-on expert: It can work in different environment, including car, office, home. Reminder: recommended to use in the space of small range only.

Cube, Car Negative Ion Freshener

  • Mini, efficient, silence, sterilize, fresh, eco-friendly. (Note: This product is used to improve air quality in cars or spaces of small range only!)
  • Square and round aesthetic unity, simple control interface, one-touch control; Negative ions concentration:4million/cm³.
  • Purifying effect is more comprehensive compared with other traditional means. Full cleared chemical gases, fine particles, viruses and bacteria, creating healthy interior full breathing space.