No More Oxy! Choose a healthier humidifier!

“Made in China” to “Create in China”
December 26, 2016

A terrible accident recently break out in Korea, we have a few questions to ask

1, Why customers use humidifiers?

RE: Dry air in your room that is not up to standard humidity (40% RH to 60% RH), will lead to excess moisture loss which can increase skin dryness, speeding up the aging process.

Humidifier is a household appliances which can increases humidity, purify and fresh the air, reduce the excessive dryness-heat produced by the heater.

In the air-conditioned room, it will help to improve air quality, creating a healthy, comfortable living environment.

2, Why customers put disinfector into Humidifier?

RE:For hundreds of humidifiers on the market, it’s very hard for customers to clean its watertank, therefore the bacteria will thrive in the scale.

In certain condition, a humidifier can the breeding of bacteria, increasing a risk to family especially for children.

3, What can we do if we have to use a humidifier?

For safety purposes, many consumers buy disinfector( a famous brand is Oxy produced in England) to put it in the humidifier to kill the bacteria and clean the air.

4, How do we slove this problem?

So we want clean air and have zero tolerance to bacteria, but we don’t want the dangerous disinfector. What we do now?

As a professional humidifier manufacturer, our suggestion is choosing an easy-to-wash humidifier,NO disinfector.

(1), Humidifier with Absorbent Filter Sticks

A humidifier with Open container, replaceable filter design is safe and simple to use.

What’s more, Absorbent Filter Sticks humidifier has an more affordable price, small and elegant appearance

(2), Humidifier with big tank Vent

With a large water tank Vent, it will be easy for customers to put his/her hands into the water tank.

You can easily clean the tank regularly to keep the humiliation safe and clean.

There is no need to use disinfectant again.