“Made in China” to “Create in China”

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July 30, 2016

Small chinese brand infringed by US Famous brand

W e - Foshan KAWA Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, specializes in product development & manufacturing. It is a small household electrical appliance company in China!

Today, products that are “Made in China” have a bad stigma attached to it. People think products that are made in China are very cheap and the quality of the product are not up to international standards .

Many consumers assume China products have no creativity and are replicas of other international brands. This is not always the case. Here is a story of a “Made in China” product that is plagiarized by a famous international brand! Would you like to hear such a story?

First of all, please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Smartfrog, formerly known as a product design company---Hoyidea Industry Design Co.,Ltd. Hoyidea is located in the famous household appliance manufacturing hometown, Shunde, Guangdong Province. After serving many home appliance enterprises for more than one decade, Hoyidea responded to national call on and began to research and development some interesting products by ourselves. So in 2013, Smartfrog was born!

The first product of Smartfrog was an original portable hand dryer. When it first came out to the domestic market, it had many positive reviews. As a result, Smartfrog made persistent efforts, researched and developed the second product ---Water Bluebell mini humidifier. This is a portable and personal humidifier which could be used in a car.

Looks very much alike? Right? They are still selling on their website!

There are constant positive reviews and feedback by consumers. It was such a creative product with our passion ! It was luckily selected by the United States well-known brand, Crane (http://www.crane-usa.com/) as their flagship product. At that time we were so delighted to become a big company's business partner. Unexpectedly, all this became a nightmare for us . At that moment Smartfrog did not have its own factory. All products are OEM by third-party factory. We also entrusted the third- party factory to contact Crane directly.

The logo and box which we helped them designed

After purchasing about 2,000 pieces , Crane suddenly stopped the order. Smartfrog kindly requested Crane for the reason of cancellation, Crane's explained that "Your quality did not meet our requirements, we wouldn’t purchase any more from you." Well, we thought Crane might be right. We should perfect the manufacturing process... At that time, Smartfrog felt so guilty. This had been a motivation to improve products. However, at the same time, Crane have found another factory to copied our patented original product - Water Bluebell.

Compared to Crane, Smartfrog is a small Chinese enterprise. Even though we knew that Crane had copied our products in 2015, we were unable to fight with them. The only thing we can do is to develop new innovative products that can help our company continue to grow . However, what we could not expect was that we have seen Crane copy our products and displaced it in the award-winning works area in one international exhibition. Crane promoted the copy with Smartfrog’s Red Dot& IF Award. What shameless behavior! What’s worse, Crane repeatedly complained to our clients on Amazon, and accused them of infringement that has caused great economic loss of our clients.

Finally, we were extremely angry and contacted Crane and stated that we are the real owner of Water Bluebell. We requested them to stop the infringement. However, they just ignored ...

Above, no response...
Above, no response...

After a period of time, Crane even shamelessly complained to another American customer. Crane infringed our clients’right and damaged our company’s interest again and again. We could not keep silent any more. Every customer from Smartfrog is very important. We must help maintain their rights. With careful consideration, we Smartfrog decided to talk with Crane for the last time, so we sent the following email:

Well, this time we finally got a reply from Crane!

At the outset, they denied copying our products. After we presented the facts and production records of 2014, Crane realized that they had commissioned other factories to copy our patented product. We believed that, as an international powerful enterprise, they would deal with the infringement properly. However, we were wrong!

After Crane obviously knew that they had copied our product. The continued copying the product and no apology were made.. We asked them to stop the sale of this model. They did not terminated business with the Chinese supplier who Copied our product? Instead, they asked us to show them the US patent certificate!

You know, although Water Bluebell is our patent product, we only have the patent in China, no patent all over the world. Crane understood better. We are a small enterprise. How could we apply patent in the USA? We couldn’t stop crane's infringement in the USA market. However, is this the attitude of a well-known international company? If we did not speak out, would Crane be proud of their behavior? Yes, as a well-known enterprise, as long as your actions are legal in the USA, you can bully a small Chinese enterprise brazenly.

However, we want to speak out. We wanted tell the whole world - today, China manufacturing is improving and rising like a sun. Even though we are just a small enterprise in China, we will also get wide attention from international enterprise! We would also like to tell all our partners and all the people who have a conscience about a big American company's behaviors and creeds!

Smartfrog will continually produce original and creative products in China, no matter how the world goes on.