Cube, Ionizer Car Air Purifier

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September 21, 2016
Robert, Multi-technology Car Air Purifier
September 21, 2016


Ionizer Car Air Purifier
  • Mini, efficient, silence, sterilize, fresh, eco-friendly;
  • Square and round aesthetic unity, one-touch control; Negative ions concentration:4million/cm³;
  • Not only can greatly reduce vehicle air pollution damage to human health. At the same time, its excellent design for the cabin perception lot of extra points;
  • Purification of fine particle pollution, chemical fumes, bacteria, etc., completely get rid of interior pollutants to provide clean breathing experience for the occupants;
  • High-efficiency low noise blower, Comprehensive purifying effect compared with other traditional means of car air purification;

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Product Specifications

Name Cube, Ionizer Car Air Purifier
Model KW-JHQ01
Product Size 106*103*47mm
Voltage DC~5V
Power 2W
Anion Concentration ≥4million/m³

Product Specifications

Color box 1) Size(mm): 200*150*60
2) NW/GW(g): 158g/350g
Carton 1) Size(mm): 470*315*425
2) NW/GW(kg): 9.5/10.5kg
3) Qty/CTN: 30
Loading Qty 1) 20GP: 12600
2) 40GP: 25800
3) 40HQ: 30960


Applying Space


Anion concentration


Aroma capacity



Feedback from Customers

This little guy works great, don't be fooled by it's small size
This little guy works great, don't be fooled by it's small size! It freshens up my computer area very quickly and I love that it's usb powered, I can use almost anywhere. It comes with a usb cord, usb 12v plug, and a anti slip mat for your car. It has a small door which houses the sponge, just a couple drops of your favorite oil, and hit the power button. The plan was to use it in my work van but I'm really starting to like it at my pc.
Clears the air, makes it smell nice :)
Sleek design, with a great sponge input tray to add essential oils. The fan is fairly quiet and lets off a pleasant hum that isn't disruptive or annoying. It seems to do what it advertises, even though my car is clean, I don't smoke, or have any pets, I've discovered that I breathe easier while driving. With a nice fragrance floating around the vehicle I don't want to lash out in road rage fits like I used to as well, which is a plus.
Purifies Air...
My husband has a lot of allergies, so when I saw this and thought, i should try it. Usually his allergies are the worst in the morning when he gets up for work until his meds kick in. He gets in his car, where I had this guy plugged in, noticed a huge difference in his breathing, as well as in how long it took nose to stop being stuffy. It worked like a charm, with little to no odor from other car's exhaust. 10/10 will be using for a long time. Really like the fact that all I have to do is plug this product in and it starts working immediately. It is safe, easy to use and convenient.
Makes my Car smell Great
I am really enjoying having this Deli Mini Car Anion Air Purifier in my car. This to me is so much better then the little air fresheners you can buy to go in your car. This allows me to put my own essential oil that I like into it and makes my car smell great. I love being able to choose my fragrance and using this. This has gotten all the musty smells out of the car. When I opened my package this is what came with it 1 x Portable Mini Anion Car Air Purifier Gold USB cable, Anti-skid Pad, and Manual Instruction. The color is very good looking also. I highly recommend this it really gets the inside of your car refreshed and smelling good. I did receive this for free or at a discounted rate for my honest review which I have given.
Works Well
With kids, my car is always in need of a little air freshening. This little air purifier is great. It's easy to use. Just plug in and turn on (though I do have to have my car on for the lighter plugs to work in my car, so I can't use this just sitting in my driveway with the car off). I let it run for a few minutes and it did a great job of removing a lot of the stale air odor from my car. I love that I can add my own air freshener to this. I don't have any essential oils on hand, but I am definitely planning to get some and give this a try. Because I love it when my car smells great. I received this product free for purposes of my review. All opinions are my own.
Works great - don't know how I lived without it
With 4 kiddos the hubby and I, sometimes the van can get.. well... stinky. Previously I thought I had to rely on those extremely strong air fresheners that go on the rear view mirror, that don't fix the smell, just mix with it. I was skeptical when I saw this car air purifier, but I needed to know if it would help my family. I am so extremely happy with this little device. I keep it in our main vehicle and always carry a few essential oils with me (I do not leave essential oils in the hot/cold vehicle). If we need an uplifting feeling I use any citrus scent that sounds good to me at the time and I use mint to help if we have headaches, and lavender to calm down, or any combination of them that fits out particular situation at the time. I have used this every single time we have been in the van since I received it. I an looking to get one for our car as well.