Phoenix ,Fan Heater

Terminator-Air Purifier
April 28, 2017
Clothes Dryer
September 21, 2016


Portable Fan Heater
  • V0 glass fire resistant ABS material, aluminium material base;
  • Dual fans design, PTC Heating system, Mechanical switching device;
  • 1500-watt high setting, 1000-watt low setting, and fan-only option;
  • Manual controls; self-regulating ceramic element; quiet operation;
  • Automatic overheat protection for safety, When dumping over 45°,Heater Will shut down automatically;
  • Convenient Carry Handle, Fully Assembled;

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Product Specifications

Name Phoenix, Small Fan Heater
Model KW-CH100
Product Size 224*120*172mm
Voltage 220V~50Hz
Power 1500-watt high setting, 1000-watt low setting
Color White,Black,green

Product Specifications

Electric Ceramic Fan Heater

Color box1) Size(mm): 202*150*260
2) NW/GW(g):1.3kg/1.5kg
Carton1) Size(mm): 415*465*275
2) NW/GW(kg): 7.8/9.8kg
3) Qty/CTN:6
Loading Qty1) 20GP: 3024
2) 40GP: 6288
3) 40HQ: 7074

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Max Power

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dumping over

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Feedback from Customers

Incredibly useful!!!
I love this! I got it straight out of the box and started using it! You talk about useful! You can use it 1 - 3 hours and hot or cold settings. It is foldable and comes with clothes bars and shoes bars. you plug it in and it starts drying. You can use it at home or camping or at the office, anywhere. It has clothing care functions like, moisture proof, and moth proof. It uses low power, and safety features like automatic turn off. Over heating protection and flame retardant material.
This is a great item when you travel
I bought this product with a discount for my honest and not biased review. This is a great item when you travel.
Great packaging.
With hot air and cool air.
Not super quite but quite enough.
Great quality/price.
Highly recommend it
Speeds up drying time
The idea of being able to quickly dry my shoes after rain or hiking boots after stepping in some streams is very appealing. This dryer blows hot or cold air from the arms that attach to the central unit. It does a reasonable job and drying is faster. I did ran into a problem using it but was able to work around the issue as described below.
I would estimate that this shoe dryer cuts the drying time by more than one half. Overall it does the job.
way better than i expected it too be
This is amazing!..I have never seen anything like this befoe so , i was so drawn to purchase it because i love new and different things..
This has many uses which is great!
I have a stand up boot dryer already but i like the idea of getting more than one use out of a item if you don't have much space in your house..
i used this on a pair of sneakers of my sons, he thought it was a great idea to take a swim with them on 90.00 shoes i might add.This worked like a dream and didn't mess with his shoes at all, they look fantastic and so nice in dry, i dried them for about 30/40 minutes but i think they were done a lot sooner but i wasn't use to this one, my boot dryer takes longer like hours longer so to my amazement this worked so fast!
also i used this on a coat that i was going to be storing away for the winter and it was big and puffy and this came through again!.You just never know when you going to need one of these and usually its more times than you think!I have never seen one of these in a store either.
Nice Addition to Laundry Day!!
I really didn't know what to expect when I received the package but I was excited when it came. There are two set of arms that plugs in on the side of the body depending on what you are drying. I just wish there was a pole or something that came with it to dry my items. None the less I was able to use with much success. It dries perfectly fine with the timing being up to three hours fast drying clothes, The thicker handles are for drying sneakers which I find to be genius. hot &cold wind dual mode switch. The arms are completely detachable and foldable so it's convenient to carry.
After having my shirts on the hanger there was no moisture or moulding smell. Adopt ceramic heating tablets (PTC) heating technology moderate heat dissipation, low power and good thermal effect.