Robert, Multi-technology Car Air Purifier

Cube, Ionizer Car Air Purifier
September 21, 2016
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September 20, 2016


Multi-technology Car Air Purifier
  • Easy to operate: very easy to manage by only 3 buttons (on/off button, independent anion button and speed button);
  • Centralize 4 core science: Photocatalyst: the safest, most clean environmental purification materials. UV Lamp: Kill bacteria and viruses in seconds, the sterilization efficiency is high as 99%;
  • Centralize 4 core science: Anion: the negative ions can purify the pollutants and remove unpleasant smell. Aroma Module: the whole car would be full of fragrance;
  • Contracted appearance and Intelligent design:low profile (do not affect driving safety);
  • Carry-on expert: It can work in different environment. Helping people reduce dizziness, headache, carsick, nausea by having healthy air.

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Product Specifications

Name Robert, Multi-technology Car Air Purifier
Model KW-JHQ02
Product Size 169*86*50mm
Voltage DC~5V
Power 4W

Product Specifications

Color box 1) Size(mm): 200*150*60
2) NW/GW(g): 197g/358g
Carton 1) Size(mm): 470*315*425
2) NW/GW(kg): 10.5/12kg
3) Qty/CTN:30
Loading Qty 1) 20GP: 12600
2) 40GP: 25800
3) 40HQ: 30960


Applying Space


Core Science


Clean Entire Car Air



Feedback from Customers

What a nice air purifier for my truck
My husband who is a Heavy Equipment Operator and smokes, has been using my truck for work while his has been in the garage! My truck smelled horrible! The cross between diesel fuel and smoke was not very nice at all! When I came across this air purifier from HYATTA, I thought I'd give it a try! I'm so pleased with this product! I plugged it in right away when I received it at around 4 pm on high then turned it down to low about 45 minutes later, left it on low and decided to check on it before I went to bed about 5 hours or so at around 9 pm and I couldn't smell anything but a very faint smell of diesel from a sweatshirt I found in the back, removed the sweatshirt and decided I try again in the morning! I turned it back on in the morning for another couple of hours and the smell was completely gone! This little Purifier is great! I'm totally amazed with this product it tackled some hard smells and totally got rid of all of the smell! This device plugs into a lighter receptacle and sits on my dashboard! It comes with a nonslip pad to set it on! It easy to install and operate and totally works the way it says it would! I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a fresher smelling vehicle! I'm happy to have come across this air purifier for my truck! Great find!
Fresh Air on demand.
It's winter here and the windows are pretty much rolled up. Sometimes, I will crank the heat and open them just to get some fresh air. This little Eco Breeze does the same thing, but I don't have to put up with all that cold wind! I have been delighted with the results, especially with such a reasonable price. Unlike a number of the good reviews I read, I didn't get the device for a discount. I just bought it!
this small air cleaner works surprising good! I'll admit that I was skeptic at first but it definitely changed my mind. With 2 smokers in the truck almost all the time the air was raunchy to say the least...I plugged this in to the usb port in the truck, let it run overnight and the next day when I opened the door fresh air actually greeted me! Yay!! Recommend!
Small and Effective!
I can definitely tell a difference in the smell of my 11 year old minivan since I've been using this unit. I do wish that it would automatically turn back on with the same settings that I change to each time so that I wouldn't have to remember to push the buttons every time I get in the car. But, overall, a nice, cost-effective car air purifier.
well designed, I love it!
Works good, drop some perfume to the aroma module even better! And well designed, I love it as a decoration in the car or office.