Waterfairy, The hottest humidifier

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September 21, 2016
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September 20, 2016


The Hottest Personal Humidifier
  • Super Portable and Smallest Size -- Just like a pen that in your pocket. But it can make more exquisite mist than big humidifier do, enough to meet your need;
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation-- Less than 20 db means that this humidifier is one of the most silent ever made. Perfect for sleeping or for the baby room.
  • Unique Design--Its streamline design will give you a delicate feeling. Its 1-controlling button like a smooth stone ,compact and easy to use;
  • Like a cute without picky baby--The atomizer plate has been specially treated and can be applied to any PH level water. Powered via USB.
  • Perfect Gift-- Humidify your living space to prevent dry, stuffy air and flu/cold germs infecting your loved ones.

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Product Specifications

Name Waterfairy, The hottest humidifier
Model KW-JSQ04
Product Size 24*24*145mm
Voltage DC~5V
Power 2W
Humidification amount 30 ml/H (10ml)

Product Specifications

Color box 1) Size(mm): 176*90*45
2) NW/GW(g):46g/167g
Carton 1) Size(mm): 485*290*375
2) NW/GW(kg): 8.2/10.5kg
3) Qty/CTN:60
Loading Qty 1) 20GP: 31320
2) 40GP: 64800
3) 40HQ: 73440

You can Customize your Own color with Order Larger than 3'000 pics


Applying Space


Mist volume





Feedback from Customers

This little humidifier is great for the office
This little humidifier is great for the office! I was getting nasty sinus headaches from the dry air in my office. The machine emits no noise whatsoever. It's great for my desk and gets the job done. Also note that this does NOT come with a plug; it is a USB port without the plug for the socket. I grabbed one of my iPad plugs for this.
This cool mist humidifier stick is very easy to use
This cool mist humidifier stick is very easy to use. Place the filter back in the stick, plug in the micro USB into the stick, the other end I plugged into my portable charger. This way I can move it around the house when needed. Press the button and it will start doing it's thing :) If you don't want to use a portable charger, the USB cord is long enough so it can go a good distance.
I love how small this humidifier is
I love how small this humidifier is ,it is small enough to fit in your overnight bag, or bigger purse if need be. It really is as simple as they say. You just place it in a cup, put water in the cup, plug it into your power source, then turn it on. You will then have your cool mist!! The cool mist rising from the stick feels good on my hands and helps moisturize them as well. I believe this is one of the best inventions for allergy sufferers out there too. I would recommend this to anyone who needs extra moisture. It is much easier to deal with than the big humidifiers.
This is very useful at my desk, It is quiet and just enough steam.
I had wanted this for my dry winter skin and dry sinuses. It really helped with both. My sinuses are not so dry and my skin seems to be doing better sense I have been using it. I just got over being sick and this helped me breath too. I leave it at my desk and have it hooked to my USB port. It is easy to set up and the mist that comes out is very fine. When I am done using it, I let it run a little bit without water to help dry it a little. It is very quiet. It comes with a extra filter. I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.