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Smart Frog at the 30th Shenzhen Gift Fair

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-03      Origin: Site


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From June 15th to 18th, the 30th Shenzhen Gift Fair was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.

SmartFrog and Skrillex brand, with a lot of new summer products at the exhibition.

Booth 12H27-H30

The exhibition area of Smart Frog is located in Hall 12, Booth H27-H30. The exhibition area is divided into two main areas, namely the seasonal cool summer fan and the clothes dryer series focusing on clothing care.

Customers who are familiar with Kawa all know that Kawa successfully launched as the first portable clothes and shoe dryer. It has conducted in-depth research and development in clothing drying and care, studied users' pain points, and successfully developed the second, third and fourth generation of clothing care products, which have been recognized by many users.

Air circulation fan&bladeless fan

In addition, the research on air circulation was increased, and the first circular fan was developed, as well as the first bladeless fan, both of which you deserve in terms of appearance and performance.

Since May, there has been plenty of rain in Guangdong, and the air humidity is too high. The card Frog dehumidifier has been sold out in just a few days. Compared with the same type of dehumidifier, the Smart Frog has strong moisture absorption ability and can quickly absorb excess water in the air, which has won the users' love and praise.

1.2L dehumidifier

The customers at the Smart Frog booth are constantly coming and going.

At the same time, Kawa also appeared in the No.16 Hall of Shenzhen Gift Exhibition -- Shunde Home Appliance Original Design Hall. Shunde has always been famous. Besides food, it also has the title of "the Home Appliance Capital of China".

As China's original design brand, SmartFrog expects China's original strength and Shunde manufacturing strength can be recognized by the world, Card Frog has been in the original road never stop.

Kawa believes that pursuing profits and giving up quality and cheap products will eventually be eliminated by the market. Only unswervingly developing independent research and development and design will be the future of the manufacturing industry. Frog will also be in the original design of the road to steady progress.

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