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For those who aren’t familiar with the businesses that Smartfrog involves, here is where you start. Smartfrog offers 5 product lines to help people solve air-related problems:


From individual to multiple people, from indoor to outdoor, to provide you with a full range of comfortable and cool environment

Smart Frog's fans cover a wide range, from indoor fans such as bladeless fans, circulating fans and tabletop fans, to outdoor camping fans and spray fans. Provide people with different scenarios with enough wind, low energy consumption, comfortable, quiet fan products to achieve cool cooling solutions.


Learn More Maximize comfort while minimizing energy costs with our electric heating solutions

Smart Frog offers a wide range of indoor electric heating solutions that are attractive in design as well as powerful in performance. Heaters range from personal use to multi-person use to suit different spaces requirements. Explore innovative heating solutions that will more than meet your needs.

Clothes Dryer

The Smart Frog Clothes Dryer is the world's first portable clothes dryer.

Originally, to solve the problem of clothes not drying easily when people on business travel, our founders oco-designed a drying hanger that is not available on the market. After years of deep work in the clothes dryer, the clothes dryer series of Kawa has covered the whole portable clothes dryer series, providing clothes drying solutions for different groups such as business travelers, mothers and families.


Living in the right humidity environment can reduce respiratory related diseases

Air humidity greater than 80% is considered to be too high. At this time, it will affect the body's body temperature regulation function. Difficulty in cooling the body will cause symptoms such as elevated body temperature, vasodilation, rapid pulse, and even dizziness. Kawa's dehumidifier series products apply peltier technology, and are committed to providing comfortable and clean air for people to reduce the air humidity in small spaces.
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