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Our Team

Smart Frog, starting from the heart, born for users.
A good product needs to start from the user and perceive the real demand with heart.


In 2013, three product designers met. Originally, they jointly designed a drying rack that is not available on the market to solve the inconvenience of dry cleaning for travelers. Unexpectedly, the three hit it off and soon joined forces. Founded Smart Frog.
It has been 9 years since the product design started, and Kawa has been integrated and opened up, from design to production and the whole link of the supply chain.

Top Industrial Design Team

Established in 2005, a full chain of innovative design services team of over 30 experienced industrial designers.Determined to promote Smart Frog brands to all over the world.
Brand Honor

Award-Winning History

Foshan Kawa Technology Co., Ltd.
2013                    Growing basin flower pot received IF PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD
2017                    Provence aroma diffuser received GOOD DESIGN KOREA AWARDS
2018                    Phoenix heater received GOOD DESIGN KOREA award
2021                    Folding fan received INTERNATIONAL DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS
2022                    Ultra-thin fan received Red Dot Winner awards
2022                    Foldable clothes dryer box received GOLDEN PIN DESIGN AWARDS and The CHINESE DESIGN AWARD
By December 2022, Smartfrog has more than 120 authorized patents, which ensures its innovation strength.
Foshan Kawa Technology Co., Ltd.