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  • Q Does Smart Frog patent the products and designs they manufacture?

    A Indeed we do! In fact, Smart Frog has applied for and has successfully patented products within our product offering that includes intellectual ownership and rights for utility and design. In addition, we take the internal and external steps necessary to protect and defend our important Intellectual Property Ownership and Rights — and this effort extends to the OEM/ODM projects we work on for our customers.  
  • Q What resources does Smart Frog have in the following engineering areas?

    A Smart Frog has over 6 industrial designers and more than 12 engineers in the R&D area including experts in the Mechanical, Electronic and Software Development areas. In other words, Smartfrog is your one-stop source for quality product development, engineering and production - offering a near-vertical approach to your needs.
  • Q What CAD and Design Compatibility does Smart Frog have?

    A Smart Frog uses ProE for design/issue drawings, providing compatibility with .stp, igs, stl, asm, prt formats.
  • Q Does Smart Frog have R&D facilities and prototyping?

    A Smart Frog has an internal R&D test lab and production workshops throughout our organization. We have the ability to prototype using 3D printing in various materials with hand assembly and machining.
  • Q Does Smart Frog have custom capabilities?

    A Absolutely! We have in-house design and engineering teams that can quickly take a simple idea from concept to completion. All projects are managed by a seasoned team of professionals, with clear communication and regular status reports along the way. Smart Frog has the expertise and resources you need. Simply contact us with your custom requirements.
  • Q Will Smart Frog assist me in patenting or protecting my product from potential infringement?

    A Depending on the scope and depth of the product, Smart Frog can offer assistance in a number of ways. Contact your Smart Frog Representative for details.
  • Q What information is needed to begin an ODM project with Smartfrog?

    A Basic information should include the concept design, market study, time frame and any cost targets for the project. Contact your Smartfrog Representative for details.

  • Q How can I be certain Smartfrog will not sell my proprietary product to others?

    A The first step prior to opening any new product development project is to enter into a formal NDA agreement with our customers. This allows for open, full communication with confidence all the way through the product development process.
  • Q Is Smartfrog an OEM or ODM company, and what is the difference between an OEM and ODM product/project?

    A Smartfrog is a Hybrid OEM/ODM manufacturer and supplier. We are involved in both areas of product development and utilize aspects of OEM/ODM development in order to provide our customers with the most comprehensive product offering.

    · OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing and refers to products that are fully designed by Smartfrog that we customize/brand for our customers to sell into their markets.
    · ODM products are conceived and designed by Smartfrog customers. However, Smartfrog offers assistance in the ODM product development process due to the expertise and internal resources we have available. This includes mechanical, electrical engineering, and industrial design ability.
  • Q How do I obtain pricing on products I am considering purchasing

    A Your Smartfrog Representative can provide you with comprehensive information on our products. From detailed specifications to unit pricing, they will issue you a formal quote for your consideration. Our Business Development Managers are keen on helping your business grow, they will ask questions about your business, how you sell, what your needs are and look for ways to solve your problems with Smartfrog products and services.
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