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The 133rd Canton Fair x Smart Frog Home Appliances Manufacturer

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-21      Origin: Site


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After 3 years, the offline Canton Fair was held again. Smart Frog also participated in the first phase of the fair, our booth number: Hall 1.2N13.

During these three years, smart frog has worked hard and successfully created a number of product lines, such as bladeless tower fan, folding floor fan, air circulation fan, USB fan, camping fan, fan heater, dehumidifier and other household appliances. portable clothes dryer product series has also attracted the attention of domestic and foreign brand customers

In this exhibition, we have exhibited four series of products, including electric fans, portable clothes dryers, heaters, dehumidifiers&humidifiers


Visitors came in streams.

canton fair

For the convenience of customers who cannot attend the exhibition, the exhibition will also be streamed live on Alibaba.com

Home appliances manufacturer

Smart Frog published latest electric fan product series, bladeless tower fans, folding floor fans, air circulation fans, desktop USB small fans, camping fans and more.

stand fan manufacturer

Portable clothes dryers have attracted the interest of many foreign customers,and it also won the "IF DESIGN AWARD".

portable clothes dryer

The Canton Fair has come to a successful conclusion. Smart Frog will continue to participate in various exhibitions at home and abroad. We sincerely welcome your visit.

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