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The new headquarters of Smart Frog

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-03      Origin: Site


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On January 21, 2022, Smart Frog Technology moved to a new home!

The new headquarters of Smart Frog technology is located in Shunde Daliang Shunde new energy vehicle town, Block A1&A2.

Come on! Let's take a look at the super office space in the Kawa Building, so don't be looking for the wrong place in the future!

new headquarters entrance hall 

new headquarters entrance hall


hollow leisure platform on the second floo

The hollow leisure platform on the second floor -- 

a good place for reading, communicating or thinking about life

Clean and bright office area with light on all sides

Office cloisters with views of the setting sun and the sun

rest area


Meeting and guest areas -- more than one! 

There are many rooms with different styles and choices

Dome with plenty of natural light

multifunctional meeting room

The Smartfrog Office building

The year of 2022 will be a brilliant year for Kawa technology. Kawa will continue to provide more high-quality innovative products and services for partners who support the growth of Kawa.

Foshan Kawa Technology Co., Ltd.